iOS Developer

The Job


– Setup environment for development
– Study requirements, research technology related to project
– Handle Application Features
– Writing Unit Test
– Support & Maintenance (Testing & fixing Bugs)

Your Skills and Experience

<Must have>

・Experience in iOS native development via using Swift: 3 years or above

・Experiences with RxSwift development

・Experience with Firebase (FCM)

・Experience with Layered Architecture

・Experience in HTTP

・Experience in Unit test, UI test

・Experience using Realm

・Experience using CocoaPods/Carthage

・Knowledge of Apple Developer Program

・Ability to make Database planning, requirement definition, development, operation, maintenance

・Ability to make highly maintainable code 

<Nice to have>

・Those who keep up with the latest information by catching up on OS update information

・Experience with Swinject, or DI related knowledge

・Environmental construction experience using CircleCI and fastlane

・Experience with Fabric/Crashlytics

・Experience with Cloud service environment (ex: GCP)

・Experience and knowledge of iOS memory management (ARC/MRC)

・Knowledge and experience of protocol-oriented (POP)

・Multi-device support using Autolayout and SizeClass

・Commit experience of OSS

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